Winter in the Bramble

The “off-season” is a term I get asked about a lot since we are involved in agriculture. I always say that there really are just different seasons.

Our blackberries are under covers and will remain there for another 6-8 weeks. Two or three times a week we walk the perimeter looking for rodent incursions or opening the cover ends on warm days to keep the buds from overheating. The turning of the year certainly has us wondering what 2017 will bring. If we don’t suffer a winter loss the canes and buds are set up for an amazing 2017 summer season and we can’t wait to see what happens!

For several years we have been working at developing our goat creamery. This year we hope to begin a small construction project to allow for higher quality and consistent production of goat cheese. The focus would be on summer cheeses, which would be available at the farm during Cafe season, and holiday gifts that could be picked up or shipped. For now, the planning phase continues. The goats are just shutting down production for the year with 12 does in the maternity ward and headed toward spring and early summer kidding.

Since Alexis went on to her new life with Max we have been figuring out how to provide our kitchen vegetables given the long learning curve on vegetable growing. This year we are excited to be partnering with Randy and Debbie Jackson, who live about 2000 feet from the farm, to provide many of the vegetables that will be featured in our Farm to Table dinners and at the Cafe. The Jackson Family has cultivated their land for more than 60 years, continuing a tradition of production on the Chisholm Creek going back more than 100 years. We are thrilled to to work with them.

While April and the joys of spring are on our mind, winter’s long reign must continue and we are thankful to have time to prepare for the coming year.


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