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Elderslie's SummerTime Favorite

Aperitivo Collection

Enjoy your Aperitivo — a traditional Italian intro to dinner —
with this tasty assortment from our Market.


Each Cheese Club gift box includes three Elderslie cheeses and two perfectly paired accoutrements for you and yours.

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Please use separate transactions if you send Cheese Club memberships to different addresses.

October-December 2022

January-March 2023

The Perfect Pairing to your Cheese Collection

Kansas Black Walnut Boards

Each board will bring a special touch to each occasion as you enjoy it for years to come. Available in 3 sizes.

Looking for a custom-size board? Contact The Elderslie Woodworks to inquire.

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Check out our wines, accoutrements and branded boards, bags, and apparel available for in-person shopping at the Market.

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