Oktoberfest 2010 008

Saturday, October 24th beginning at 4:00

Join the merry company, bring your Lederhosen,
and celebrate another year of God’s bountiful harvest here at Elderslie.


Buy your tickets here

Gathering and games begin at 4:00 PM on the 24 day in October A.D. 2015.
Food and drink are available beginning at 4:30
Dances begin at 7:45 PM.

Men, women, and children of all ages and persuasions as long as ye are merry,
or desire the company of them that are so.

The grounds lie four tenths of a mile north of 101st North on Hillside,
surrounding a barn on the west side of the road.
When you see men wearing Lederhosen and smell mustard and malt, you are quite near.

From exit 19 on I-135, travel east on 101st N. to Hillside.
Turn north and travel four tenths of a mile on N. Hillside. Look towards the setting sun.

Elderslie at Longfield
10467 N. Hillside
Valley Center, KS 67147 


Games for youth: Foot races, Fish in a barrel.
Feats of strength: Caber toss, Sheaf Toss, Tug of War.
Ground activities: Tour the Longfield property on the Hayrack Ride*
Beer Tent: German Bar Food, Draught Beer, Apple Cider*
Dancing: Folk dances to live band.

*activities/items require additional purchase.

 Bar Food

Bratwurst $3
Pretzel $3
Wurstzel $4
Musterschnausser $5.50
Pumpkin cake $3
Cold draught selections $4 or $4.50
Iced Apple Cider $2

Prices are before sales tax


Adults $8.00 online or $11.00 at the door
Children 3-10 years old: $4.00 online or $7 at the door
Buy your tickets online by Thursday, October 22nd

     Tickets entitle you to gate admission, participation in games, feats of strength and dances.
Please note we are not serving dinner as a part of the cost of admission this year.


Of all things one may possess in life,
the memory of laughter and the long echoes of convivial celebration are worth much and cost little.
Raise a glass, sing a song, and join the dance, ye shall not regret these.