Get your Goat

Take Home a Bundle of Goat

Take home a baby goat kid and bring Elderslie farm to YOU

It’s All About Relationship

Caring for a goat is an opportunity for children to find inspiration and delight in animal personalities and interactions!

This experience provides needed socialization to our baby goats at a time when they are eager to soak it up – a well socialized goat is not just nice, it’s essential to farm life! These babies will grow to be part of our herd and it is critical that they learn positive interaction with humans now – with you! 

Cost: $80/ 2 goatS

How This Works

First: Sign up on Eventbrite!

Second: Find a large crate or large kennel 

Third: Come to the farm for training and to meet your new kids!

Fourth: Care for your goats, feed them three times and day, socialize thoroughly, warm your heart.

Last: Return your goat 

(Late fee of $10 per 10 minutes past 10:30am applies) 

$8 for bedding

Host Family Requirements

Someone in the family must be responsible for the care of the animals. Feeding 3x per day, playing with the goats, taking in the yard to potty, etc.

Must bring a large dog kennel/carrier to take goat home.

Must have a warm and sheltered place to keep the goat when temps are below 30º F (ie: mudroom, laundry room, etc.) 

Please do not bathe our goats. In the event that they need *attention* a warm soapy cloth or baby wipe(s) is fine! Thank you!

*Contract violations include:

-Contact with any other goat or goat herd. (This is a biohazard for Elderslie)

-Death of goat due to negligence (ie: not fed, left in the cold, physical trauma).

(Violations of the contract will incur a $250 charge on your credit card)

*Assumption of care terms:

-If your goat breaks a limb, has trauma injury, or is in an acute medical situation you will be expected to resolve that while the goat is within your care: from pick up until scheduled return.

In these situations, you must use your best judgment and care for the goat or procure necessary care from your veterinarian or from the Emergency 24hr clinic. 

(316) 262-5321.

BE AWARE! any visit to a veterinarian or the Emergency Clinic will be your responsibility to pay for and Elderslie assumes NO liability for these bills. 

Why is this Important?

Children interacting with real animals in a setting that has purpose is one of the most joyous and healthful ways we know to share the rich life and rhythms of agriculture and food production with our customers and neighbors. 

We hope that children will be inspired through this to find more identity with and joy in the natural world (as Worsdworth hoped), to find inspiration and delight in animal personalities and interactions (as Beatrix Potter and A.A. Milne did), and to see a part of how their food is produced with a hope that communities can become more and more closely knit to the farms and natural rhythms which sustain them (as James Rebanks advocates for). – George R. Elder

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