Elderslie Farmily Meal

Everyday Elderslie

Elderslie curbside pickup
3501 E 101st St N
(Near 101st N and Oliver; exit 19 on I-135)
Thurs/Fri 4-6:00 pm

Seafood Shop curbside pickup:
9747 E 21st #111 (21st & Webb)
Thurs 4-6:00 pm

Fridays 3:30-6:00

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In our Fine Dining restaurant,
we eat family meal together every evening
before we open for dinner service.

It is a time for our team to celebrate the triumphs
as well as challenges of the day
and to be mutually encouraged to press on!

Family meal now is available to you, our dear customers,
as we weather this storm together
and continue to support our farmers and local community.

Dine with us, at home.

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3501 E 101st Street North
(between Oliver and Hillside)
Exit 19 on I-135