Elderslie Dairy/Farm Hand

Brief Description: Elderslie Farm is seeking someone passionate about animal husbandry, sustainable farming and careful organized work.  Caring for a dairy herd requires a strong self-motivated person with sincere interest in animals, agriculture, and machinery.

Tuesday-Saturday 6:00 am – 2:00 pm

Sunday 6-8:30 am*

*Note on Hours: These hours will be our regular hours. There will be some projects or days that because of unforeseen variables you would have to stay late or come early. If there is some breakdown in the milk parlor or animal illness you will be responsible to do what it takes to resolve the situation. The Sunday shift is a milking shift, if you need it to be earlier it could be.  

*We take a 30-minute unpaid lunch from 12-12:30 on all normal work days. We also take a 15-min paid break at 9:30


  1. Leading six milkings per week, and verifying scheduling of milking staffing
  2. Caring for kids, bucks and doelings.
  3. Completing scheduled animal care projects like hoof trimming, barn cleanout, etc.
  4. Maintaining hay and grain inventory for dairy and for non-milking herd, including moving inventory and helping unload.
  5. Maintaining & cleaning the equipment and environment in parlor, barns and milk storage room.
  6. Collecting and turning compost windrows and loading it out for customers.
  7. Pest control, especially flies in dairy barn.
  8. Putting up and maintaining fence for rotational grazing, and help maintaining the pastures.

Personal Qualities:  Must have farm experience or general equipment experience, preferably both. Must be willing to work in an organized environment with regularity and efficiency. Must be interested in animals and their care. Must have some familiarity with equipment (we can train this for the right candidate). Must be excited to grow as a member of a team where we will always be pursuing personal and professional growth in order to serve our customers more effectively and accomplish our tasks with ever increasing skill.

Pay:  Varies based on experience, knowledge and ability. $9-$15 per hour.

How to Apply: Applicants should send a brief introduction, resume and two references (academic or professional) to george@eldersliefarm.com

or mail them to:

Elderslie Farm ATTN: George
3501 E. 101st N
Valley Center, KS 67147


At Elderslie we believe that small local enterprises have the ability to produce products and services that express local culture and are of both delight and use to customers. Producing food and continuing to advance the rich heritage of Kansas agriculture is our driving passion and we hope that all employees can share in this passion through their responsibilities here at Elderslie.