Creamery Shop


Saturdays 8-1:30

Artisanal cheese and gelato,
salami, crackers, honey, and accompaniments,
plus wine, eggs, coffee.

Enjoy your treats on the patio and
say hello to the goats in the Creamery barn
or the nursery barn.

For curbside pickup of online orders
during Creamery hours,
call us at 316-226-9686
and we’ll bring your order out to you.

Credit cards and gift cards only
No cash transactions

Elderslie “Family Meal will return August 20th
with curbside pickup 4-6 pm.

KSN “Outdoor Life” video on Elderslie Creamery


Our farmstead goat milk cheese
is made from milk from the Nubian and Saanen goats
we’ve been raising at Elderslie Farm for many years.

We also make cheese from the milk of the Ayrshire cows
raised by Heather Faye of Faye Farms in Udall, Kansas.

Our newest cheese, Spring Edge, is 50% goat and 50% cow milk.

We are currently producing
the following cheeses:

Goat cheeses with milk from
our Elderslie Farm grass-fed goats

Caprino Fresco
Raw Milk Feta

Cow cheeses with milk from
Faye Farms cows in Udall, Kansas

Foggy Ayr
Golden Ayr
Brambly Ayr

Cow/goat cheese
Spring Edge

We also carry Cottonwood Cheddar, a cow milk cheese
from Jason Wiebe in Durham, Kansas.

Shipping of cheese collections begins soon!
Join our mailing list for updates.

Our cheese is also available here:
Green Acres (north end of Bradley Fair at 21st & Rock Rd)
Seafood Shop (Cambridge Market at 21st & Webb)
Prairy (601 N Main, Newton)
Faye Farms (Udall, KS)

Farmer’s Markets
Old Town Farm and Art Market (Wichita)
Saturdays 8-1:00
Farmer’s Market at The City Market (Kansas City)
August 22, 29 and September 5th

Elderslie cheese is currently on the menu
or in the dishes at these restaurants:

The Belmont (Wichita)


A very long tradition pairs cheese with cured meats. Both involve enhancing and preserving, and then savoring, the basic raw ingredients of milk and meat. We have selected salamis from Il Porcellino Salumi in Denver to accompany our cheeses on a board.

Spiced Juniper: A non-traditional salami seasoned with Juniper Berries, Coriander and Fennel Seed with plenty of Calabrian Chiles for heat, both floral and spicy and unique in flavor with an unctuous mouth feel. A 2018 Charcuterie Masters Grand Champion.

Saucisson Sec: Traditional French Style Salami with Garlic, Black Pepper, and Carboy Malbec Wine.

(Descriptions provided by Il Porcellino Salumi)


After cheese, meat and bread or crackers (and a beverage, if desired) come any number of accompaniments to enhance the flavors of the foundation items and create a memorable taste experience.

We have stocked the Creamery Shop with honey and a variety of other items that customers will enjoy with our cheeses. Check our online shop for current availability or stop by the Creamery.

Order a charcuterie board
for pickup or delivery
Book an event
featuring our cheese and charcuterie
in the dining rooms or on our patio, weather permitting.