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The Elderslie Creamery uses traditional methods to produce fine cheeses with milk from our goats and Faye Farms Ayrshire cows, both grass-fed on pasture and leguminous hays.

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Elderslie Creamery was born out of a desire to serve and enrich its community by celebrating and sharing products that are a full expression of the terroir of South Central Kansas.

Elderslie Goats

Here at Elderslie, we are passionate about pasture, browse, and fresh air for our goats. First of all, it’s just a basic belief that keeping an animal in confinement its whole life is something you might do if you were desperate, but it’s not lovely, and as studies continue to show, it’s not good for them or us.

Meet the Kids returning in 2022!


Pastured and grass-fed animals produce milk with higher levels of Omega 3 fatty acids and numerous health studies have found this is desirable from a human health standpoint. Confinement animals fed on a higher percentage of  grain have a higher level of Omega 6 and low Omega 3s.


Pastured and grass-fed animals produce milk with more diverse flora of acids and compounds associated with interesting complex flavors. Artisan cheesemakers the world around consider the milk from animals on pasture to be the highest quality with the highest and most interesting flavor potential.


When managed on tight rotations, out goats have significantly less need for synthetic de-worming. This is critical in biological and organic farming because these de-worming compounds are persistent in the manure and in the compost, and therefore in the soil, once it’s spread on a field. 


Studies have shown that animals on pasture have lower levels of cortisol, most likely because they are doing something and are not bored out of their minds. We want to participate in agriculture that produces the best food possible and that is sensitive to the environment.

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Saturdays | 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.

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