Elderslie Creamery and the Elderslie Farm kitchen
serve our Kansas community through the
marriage of agriculture and culinary art.

The Creamery produces fine cheeses using traditional methods
(with milk from our goats and Faye Farms Ayrshire cows,
both grass-fed on pasture and leguminous hays);
the kitchen celebrates local and seasonal
in creative accompaniments and cuisine.

See more about our cheeses and where else to find them.

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Our collections, as well as individual cheeses and accoutrements,
are available for pickup or shipping in our Cheese Shop and online store.

Family Meals can be ordered for curbside pickup
on Thursday, Friday and Saturday 4-6:00 pm.

Kansas Black Walnut boards by Elderslie Woodworks
are also available in the shop for pickup or shipping.

KSN “Outdoor Life” video story on Elderslie Creamery

Contact Us
Phone: 316-226-9686
Email: creamery@eldersliefarm.com

Follow us on Instagram or Facebook: @eldersliecreamery