Small-Batch Artisan Made Cheese

The Elderslie Creamery uses traditional methods to produce fine cheeses with milk from our goats grass-fed on pasture and leguminous hays.

We know our beautiful girls belong on the land.

She's Worth it!

At Elderslie Farm, we believe in the caring practice of raising a grass-fed herd. Our herd management is proudly traditional because there is no substitute for nature. This dedication is key to our goats’ happiness and health while producing dynamic flavors that come with each season.

Locally raised. Locally grazed.


Pastured and grass-fed animals produce milk with higher levels of Omega 3 fatty acids and numerous health studies have found this is desirable from a human health standpoint. Confinement animals fed on a higher percentage of  grain have a higher level of Omega 6 and low Omega 3s.


Pastured and grass-fed animals produce milk with more diverse flora of acids and compounds associated with interesting complex flavors. Artisan cheesemakers the world around consider the milk from animals on pasture to be the highest quality with the highest and most interesting flavor potential.


When managed on tight rotations, out goats have significantly less need for synthetic de-worming. This is critical in biological and organic farming because these de-worming compounds are persistent in the manure and in the compost, and therefore in the soil, once it’s spread on a field. 


Studies have shown that animals on pasture have lower levels of cortisol, most likely because they are doing something and are not bored out of their minds. We want to participate in agriculture that produces the best food possible and that is sensitive to the environment.

Visit The Market at Elderslie Creamery

The Market at the Elderslie Farm Creamery is open 24/7 and self-serve (and now takes credit cards—just tap the iPad screen to get started!). It’s well-stocked with cheese and accoutrements (salami, crackers, olives, jams, honey), prepared foods, and hospitality-related items!

Phone: 316-226-9686

Pets are not permitted.

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