Elderslie Farm, north of Wichita, KS, is seeking someone interested in dairy and creamery operations (long-term position) and willing to continue their education and take on more responsibilities over time.

Hours: 6.5 hours per day Monday through Saturday.  (*Cheesemaking is inherently working with the biological schedules of the cheese style being made. You must be willing to put in an odd hour here or there to keep critical points in the make going. These will change for each style).
All applicants must be willing to work overtime when necessary for keeping production schedules or marketing schedules.

Time off: 1 Week personal time during March through Christmas. One week personal time during January or February. Sick days. Family Emergencies.


1. Keeping the regular schedule and duties of the make as set by the cheesemaker. To include milk transfer, pasteurization, culturing, curd cutting, forming, draining, clean up, and packaging.

2. Managing cheese maturation to include flipping, salting, ash application, cutting, storing, rind washing, and inventory movement between aging environments as well as final packaging.

3. Keeping a supply inventory of packaging mtls, cleaning mtls, cultures and other consumables.

4. Staffing the retail counter on Saturdays. Hours anticipated at 8 am – 2:30 pm, but subject to change.

5. Attending cheese tasting events at Elderslie with the ultimate end of conducting them personally. These events will likely be on Friday nights, and will thus require overtime hours when they are held.

6. Pursuit of ACS CCP certification and then Maintaining a yearly program of continuing education including travel for cheese making classes and seminars in the US and eventually internationally.

Personal Qualities:  Interested in complex applied biology and chemistry. Attentive to detail and self-motivated. Willing to accept criticism and learn as part of a team. Interested in a longer term position and willing to participate in a growing business. Desiring to accept responsibility in a small business environment.

Pay: The pay scale is meant to encourage continuing education and will increase as you further your knowledge. Overtime is 1.5x regular hourly.

Starting Pay: $10 per hour.

After CCP certification: $12.50 per hour

After Passing Peter Dixon’s 3 week long courses: $15/hour

Each consecutive year after completing Peter’s classes your pay will increase by $1 per hour.

Year 4 you will be eligible for performance based bonuses based on specific annual goals agreed on between creamery staff and the owners at Elderslie.

Additional Compensation: Continuing education materials and travel will be paid for, but hours spent studying for exams of after-hours will not.

How to Apply: Applicants should send a cover letter, resume, and 2 references (academic or professional) to george@eldersliefarm.com

or mail them to:

Elderslie Farm ATTN: George
3501 E. 101st St N
Valley Center, KS  67147

Here at Elderslie we believe that small local enterprises have the ability to produce products and services that express local culture and are of both delight and use to customers. Producing food and continuing to advance the rich heritage of Kansas agriculture is our driving passion and we hope that all employees can share in this passion though their responsibilities here at Elderslie.