Thanks for your interest in reserving a flat of Elderslie Farm blackberries.

There are four quarts in a flat and each flat is $38.00 plus tax. (Quarts and half-pints are also for sale at Bramble Cafe but only flats are available to reserve).

Please provide your information below and when your flat is ready you will be notified by email or text. You can call us to pay for your flat by credit card and let us know when you’d like to pick it up. We’ll mark your flat with your name and expected pickup date.

Pickup is during Bramble Cafe hours: Monday-Thursday 7-11 AM, Friday-Saturday 7-1:30 PM.

We are located at 3501 E 101st St N, between Oliver and Hillside, 1.6 miles east of I-135 (exit 19).  MAP

If you have questions, please email us at