Part-time Field Hand
We are seeking two part-time people (6-12 hours per week) to work in the blackberries through the spring and into the summer (April 9th to June 9th).

Full-time Field Hand
We are also seeking two crew members full time (30-50 hours per week) to help harvest, prune, and accomplish field work for the summer (June 11th to August 4th).

Description of Work and Environment
Pruning, training, and general field work. Must be active and be willing to be up and down on knees as needed. Must be willing to do detailed careful work. Must be willing to work in heat and sometimes rain to make sure training or harvest is on schedule and does not get behind. Must be self-motivated and willing to push to keep a good pace. Must bring appropriate clothes and gear including protective clothing (gloves, coats, rain gear, and closed-toe shoes) and a personal water thermos.

Schedule & Pay    

Part-time work will be 3 days per week for 2-3 hours, starting the week of April 9 and ending June 9th. Monday, Wednesday and Friday are possible, or Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Time of day is flexible but must be consistent. Work is goal-oriented so some days you may need to put in an extra hour or two. Hourly rate for part time pruner/trainers is $10-12.50 per hour depending on experience and performance.

Full-time employment in the summer helping with harvest and field maintenance is available starting June 11th and running through August 4th. Work will be 6 am-12 pm Monday-Saturday. All blackberry employees must be willing to work overtime during harvest: 6 am until 3-4 pm.Outside of Harvest some Saturdays we may not work. Due to weather and inconsistencies in growth we will have some weeks where we work only 4 days. Hourly rate for full time summer help is $8-12 per hour depending on experience and performance, and time and a half for overtime (more than 40 hours per week).

Applicants should email George Elder or call him at 316-680-2637.

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