Blackberries at Elderslie Farm

We are grateful to have had a record blackberry harvest! Our final You-Picks will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday, July 23rd and 24th and then it’ll be time to clean up the bramble and begin to get ready for the 2020 harvest. We’ll host our first-ever volunteer Bramble Renovation Day on July 25th! (See below.)

Cafe Hours through July 28th: Tues-Thurs 8-11:00 am; Fri-Sat 8-1:30; Sun 12-5:00.
(After July 29th, cafe is open Saturday 8-1:30 and Sunday 12-5:00)

Creamery Hours through July 28th Tues 9-12:00; Wed-Sat 9-8:00 pm; Sun 12-5:00.
(After July 29th, Creamery is open Fri 10-8, Sat 10-8, Sun 12-5).

Pre-picked berries will be in the fridge to the right of the counter (if they are available) through July 25th.

Quarts: $11
Flats are no longer available

You-Pick (You-Pick Sign-up)

Pails are added as possible through the week. We don’t expect to have many walk-in pails available the final week of picking but feel free to stop by the check-in table at the southwest corner of the parking lot and give us your name and phone # and we’ll be happy to text you if a pail becomes available.

You-Pick Notes:
• Arrive any time in the picking period but at least 20 minutes before the end.
• Berry Ferries run every 15 minutes or so
• Taste 3 then put the rest in the pail. Please monitor your children.
• Snap on the lid when you’re finished picking.
• You may pay for your pails at the Cafe or Creamery before or after picking.
• Our berries are thornless – no gloves needed.
• The aisles between the berries in the bramble are grass (occasionally damp but not muddy).

You-Pick Prices 2019

Tuesday: $15.50 per pail
Wednesday/Thursday: $16.50 per pail
Friday/Saturday: $18.00 per pail
Each pail = 2 quarts (about 2 pounds)

Bramble Renovation Day July 25th at 8-10:30 AM

Volunteer for our first-ever Bramble Renovation Day! We’ll gather for one last ride on the Berry Ferry to and from the Longfield blackberry bramble to cut out the 2019 canes and pile them at the end of the rows. Then we’ll celebrate back at the farm with some tasty food from the Elderslie Farm kitchen. (Minimum age: 12)

2019 Blackberries