Blackberries at Elderslie Farm

Our berries are winding down and we are not able to post picking spots for next week just yet. George will monitor berries this weekend and check the bramble on Monday and we will post YOU-PICKS  Monday, July 16th (not July 12th at 3:00 as previously hoped).

From George’s most recent post: “Harvest counts show that our year will be less than last year for sure. Expected poundage is likely to be about 50% of last year. Many buds that initiated in early April perished on April 13 when temperatures dropped to 19 degrees. Acknowledging these sorts of losses brings me to Tennyson’s Ulysses, who said it best: ‘Though much is taken, much abides.’ ”

Despite the reduced crop,  the berries are still as flavorful, beautiful and sizeable as last year, if not more so. Share our delight in these marvels of nature at Bramble Cafe (blackberry tart, yogurt parfait, blackberry gelato and sorbet) or at one of our dinners (they frequently appear in the appetizer or dessert course).

Watch the website or follow us on social media or join the newsletter list for information about reservations.


Reservations are required (click a date on the calendar below).  You-Pick pails are 2.2 quarts each (typically 2-4 people). We regret we are not able to take reservations by email, phone or Facebook.

Reservations for the week of July 16th will open Monday, July 16th.

We anticipate completing You-Picks by July 21st.

The Berry Ferry begins taking pickers to the Bramble (a five-minute ride) at the designated opening time (see calendar below) and makes the last run at the designated end time. Picking takes around 20-30 minutes or so. Check in as early as possible for cooler temperatures and shorter lines.

Pickers with reservations sign in at the south end of the patio (to the left) and the “Berry Ferry” will take them about 1/4 mile out to the Longfield Bramble, where picking will be explained.

Pickers may have breakfast at the Cafe before or after picking (or have lunch after picking!). We encourage guests to pay for food and berries at the same time. Reservations are not required for the Cafe but we’re happy to take them at for parties of eight or more.

Monday/Tuesday – $15 per pail ($2 discount)
Wednesday/Thursday – $16 per pail ($1 discount)
Friday/Saturday – $17 per pail

Fresh-picked Blackberries

Our blackberry season is winding down and we no longer have fresh-picked berries for sale.