Blackberries at Elderslie Farm

Our blackberry season is finished for 2018 and we are doing everything we can to prepare for the 2019 season. We thank everyone who came and picked or bought fresh berries this season and hope to see you at dinner or other fall events, and at the new Elderslie Creamery in November!

From George’s July 26th blog post: “In June when I walked the brambles, I measured and I counted and I weighed. I estimated that we would harvest about 30% of what we did in 2017 for total poundage. In early July we had about seven days that felt timeless… where pails were streaming into the field and smiles and laughing children were coming out with overfull pails in droves. During those days I allowed myself to think, “maybe it will be better than I thought, maybe they will find berries I could not count, maybe it will go on like this for weeks.” On Saturday, July 22, we picked our last berries with some old friends, and some new, two small groups glad to scatter out and search the last berries in the bramble. Then it was quiet.

I was not wrong in June, but neither was I wrong in those few days of plenty. It was good, and it was enough…  read more