Assistant Cheese Maker

Elderslie Creamery is pursuing a part-time assistant cheesemaker.

This is a technical and demanding position working around milk fermentation and cheese aging. Interested persons will need to combine a sharp and attentive mind, a quiet soul able to listen to your fingertips and your eyes, and an ability to rejoice in the difficult but fulsome joys of working hard and working carefully with your whole mind and body.

Our ambition is to seek candidates interested in a full-time position in 6-18 months.

Hours: (12.5 hours total)
1 pm – 6 pm Tuesday (5 hrs)
10:00 – 6 pm Thursday (7.5 hrs)*
*Thursdays plan on a 30-min unpaid lunch break.

-Formal education in chemistry, preferably food science. (Desired, not required)
-Passion for food, especially fermented foods. (Required)
-Ability to lift 50-70 pounds repeatedly through a workday. (Required)
-Passion for local culture and organic or holistic food. (Required)
-Enjoy professional growth in a team where you will be accountable and challenged to continue growing as professional in your field. (Required)
-Experience with dairy (Desired, not required)

Variable based on experience, competency, etc. $10-$16 per hour.

Must be willing to work holiday weeks on short hours. We will shut down the Creamery as much as possible on all major holidays, but there is always a small amount of work that must still be done no matter the schedule.

2 weeks unpaid vacation per year; must be approved more than two weeks in advance.

Future Opportunity:
Within the next year we hope to have increased our volume of cheese production sufficiently to be able to offer a full-time position as an Assistant Cheesemaker.

To Apply:
Serious applicants should send resume, a brief e-mail or letter explaining why they are interested, and two academic or professional references (not family)

George Elder
Elderslie Creamery
3501 E 101st St N
Valley Center, KS 67147

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