At Home with Elderslie

Elderslie Farm is a local treat offering a fine dining restaurant, cafe, creamery, take-out family dinners, and blackberry picking.

Located in Kechi, Elderslie Farm began in 2010 when George Elder returned home and planted blackberries near his childhood home just north of Wichita.

Today, with his wife Katharine, the farm has grown to include an upscale, Instagram-worthy, farm-to-table restaurant, a favorite summertime adventure for blackberry lovers, and home to the cutest goats imaginable, as well as excellent locally made cheeses.

Farm Timeline


Phil and Becky Elder purchased the Elder family farmhouse. At this time there was only the home, which was then much smaller, and the land surrounding it.


The block building at the mill was build and Elderslie Woodworks was established.


The first blackberries were planted.


Katharine and George Elder were married. 


The front room of the farmhouse was changed into a dining space and Katharine served the first formal dinner.

The Bramble Cafe opened for the first time and the first You-Pick blackberry season took place.


Renovations completed: commercial kitchen installed, spaces converted into dining rooms, patio expanded.


Elderslie Creamery opened.

COVID-19 closed the doors to the restaurant, and Everyday Elderslie pick-up meals was created.


Fine Dining reopens as Elderslie Restaurant. 


Everyday by Elderslie opened in Bradley Fair.


Launched a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program!

The “Elderslie” in Elderslie Farm recalls Scotland and looks forward to a new home in a particular spot where children will be raised, a life spent and a resting place from wandering found. It is a romantic notion, but it is the sort of powerful whimsy upon which many beautiful things may be built. Elderslie Farm was born of affection for a place, lives in stewardship of the land, and has meaning as we share with our guests the delights of harvest, of table and of a place here in Central Kansas.

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