Formal Dining

5-course dinners
Creative, beautiful

Bramble Cafe

Closed for
the 2018 season.
Stay tuned for
special events.


Fine cheese,
delectable gelato,
goats to visit.
Creamery coming!


The 2018  harvest
is finished.
We are preparing
for 2019!

3501 E 101st Street North
(between Oliver and Hillside)
Exit 19 on I-135

“Elderslie” is a name carried by Elders to America.

The “Elderslie” in Elderslie Farm recalls Scotland and looks forward to a new home in a particular spot where children will be raised, a life spent and a resting place from wandering found. It is a romantic notion, but it is the sort of powerful whimsy upon which many beautiful things may be built. Elderslie Farm was born of affection for a place, lives in stewardship of the land, and has meaning as we share with our guests the delights of harvest, of table and of a place here in Central Kansas.

Upcoming Events

Farm to Table Dinners

Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays

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