Formal Dining

Multi-course dinners
Creative, beautiful
Every Thurs, Fri, Sat


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is open!
Collections of baked
goods, cheese, salami

Private Events

Let us host
a gathering of friends,
family or company
this holiday season!

Elderslie is a name carried by Elders to America

The “Elderslie” in Elderslie Farm recalls Scotland and looks forward to a new home in a particular spot where children will be raised, a life spent and a resting place from wandering found. It is a romantic notion, but it is the sort of powerful whimsy upon which many beautiful things may be built. Elderslie Farm was born of affection for a place, lives in stewardship of the land, and has meaning as we share with our guests the delights of harvest, of table and of a place here in Central Kansas.

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