ripe and ready for the eating
ripe and ready for the eating

Though the blackberries have been few this year, and are almost finished bearing, there are treats to be had at Elderslie Farm.  We are in the heart of summer, and with the summer comes tomatoes, one of our favorite parts of the season.  These beauties are for sale from the farm, along with onions and potatoes, so come see us!


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Bramble Update for Interested Pickers

Dear friends of Elderslie, blackberry aficionados, and pickers,

Our berries are ripening, but it has slowly become apparent that our crop will be the lowest in the first three years of the bramble. We plan to host those who are currently registered to pick, but we are planning to close You Pick in the bramble after the last currently scheduled You Pick on Saturday July 19th.. The Bramble Day Cafe will remain open until the 27th of July, and hayrides will continue to run and the farm will be open to walking, running, and meandering.  Thank you to all who have come out thus far, and we are very sorry to not be able to host more of you to pick, but we will be delighted to serve you at the cafe.

Those of you with open orders should receive your berries though they may be delayed. We will not be accepting any more open orders for this year.

Though the berry harvest has been disappointingly small we are glad to have even a small crop. We are working hard at sampling our soil and our plant tissue, mulching, cover cropping, and looking forward to 2015! Later this year we are going to plant about 200 more early variety blackberry plants to keep expanding the You-Pick opportunities here at Elderslie.

The vegetable patch is continuing its season with some lovely produce coming out now and it looks like a great year for tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, eggplant, and many other delights. Vegetables can be purchased at the Kansas Grown Farmers Market on most Saturdays, or if you would like to join the CSA contact Alexis:

Thank you to all!

George Elder

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Due to the rain and thunderstorms expected throughout the morning, we are closing the Bramble Day Cafe for today and will not be hosting pickers this morning.  If you signed up to pick today, your reservation will be rolled to next Thursday.  Thank you and see you Saturday at the Cafe between 7 and 11 am.


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Update on the Blackberries

Dear pickers and blackberry lovers,

     This is a low season for us and unfortunately with a small crop we are no longer accepting any more open orders unless we can fill the orders we currently have. 
     We are serving our you-pick customers as well as possible, but this year has only allowed us to sign up a few folks compared to last year. Some more You-Pick opportunities should be opening for next week soon, check the website registration, but until further notice we do not have any berries for sale.  Join us at the Bramble Day Cafe open tomorrow from 7 to 11 am weather permitting!  Thanks!


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